#InOurHourOfNeed Photo Series

The staff and students in Blackrock Further Education Institute created a photo-series inspired by the campaign for 24/7 CAMHS. Mental Health Reform greatly appreciates the support of BFEI in the powerful and creative series of photos they have produced.  Mental Health Reform are calling on the Government to make CAMHS available to children and young … Read more #InOurHourOfNeed Photo Series

#InOurHourOfNeed: Joseph’s Story

Joseph's Story

“We met up and chatted but this was before we really knew what mental health was or how to talk about stuff properly. She seemed alright, a little low so we tried to have a laugh and cheer her up. We were going to head home, it was getting late, but there was something telling … Read more #InOurHourOfNeed: Joseph’s Story


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