Pre-budget Campaign 2017

Mental Health Reform’s Pre-budget Campaign is calling on the Government to fulfil its commitment to invest at least €55m in development funding for mental health services in Budget 2018.

Why you should get involved:

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Between 2014 and 2016 the number of referrals to the Counselling in Primary Care Service has increased by almost 30 per cent;
  • As of July 2017, the waiting list for child and adolescent mental health services was 2,419, with 218 having waited for more than a year;
  • As of March 2017, mental health services are at just 76 per cent of the staffing levels recommended in the national mental health policy, A Vision for Change.
  • Ireland spend just 6% of the overall health budget on Mental Health. The UK spend nearly 13%.

What actions you can take:

Demand that the Government take mental health seriously by taking the following actions:

    • Get in touch with your local TDs, MEPs and councillors. Click here to find them quickly.

    • Tell them that the Government must meet their commitment to invest at least €55m in mental health in Budget 2018. Mental health services urgently need:
      • 24/7 community based crisis mental health services across Ireland;
      • A nationwide school programme to build good mental health;
      • Increased staffing levels across mental health services;
      • A national, electronic mental health information system needs to be implemented;
      • Development of national, statutory and independent advocacy services for both children and adults with mental health difficulties in hospitals, day centres, training centres, clinics, institutional-based settings and
        throughout the community, building on existing services.

    • Get active on social media and tweet using the hashtag #IAmAReason. You can retweet our tweets here.
    • Sign the petition for 24/7 crisis mental health services here.

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