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There are currently no eMEN events planned – updates will be posted on this page when available.

June 18th 2019, Dublin

Technology and Student Mental Health

Wednesday, 13th of May 

eMental Health in the COVID-19 context and beyond

28 March 2019, Amsterdam

Let’s make it work! Implementation of e-mental health care

24 January 2019, London

Prevention with digital technologies: expanding the possibilities for better mental health

11 December 2018, France

Future developments in e-mental health

29 November 2018, Berlin 

E-mental health in Europe: learning from our neighbours

9 October 2018, Dublin

eMental Health: The Next Big Thing in Psychological Practice? 

6 September 2018, Belgium

Trends and technological developments of apps in mental healthcare

11 June 2018, Germany

E-mental health implementation: the digital revolution in mental healthcare

24 May 2018, United Kingdom

Place Based Approaches to E-Mental Health

10 April 2018, The Netherlands

E-mental health training: now and in the future

30 March 2018, France

Active Citizenship and empowerment in community mental health

23 February 2018, Brussels

Online Therapy?! Reflections from psychodynamic psychotherapy & ethical issues

16 November 2017, Dublin

Technology for Wellbeing International Conference

12 October 2017, Berlin

“Getting in touch with digital interventions for mental health: practical insights for health professionals”

11 July 2017, Amsterdam

Privacy, quality and technical challanges

13 June 2017, Paris

eMental Health: definitions, challenges, experiences

28 April 2017, Belfast

Equity and e-mental health: can digital technology help us to achieve good mental health for all?


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