About Us - Mental Health Reform

Who we are

Mental Health Reform is Ireland’s leading national coalition of organisations campaigning to transform mental health and well-being supports in Ireland.

Together, we can make Ireland’s mental health supports really deliver for people – where they need them and when they need them.

We were formed in 2006 and we now have 60 member organisations representing a range of interests such as human rights, disability, children’s rights and housing.

Tens of thousands of individuals also take action on mental health by signing petitions and connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

How we work

Our vision is for an Ireland where people experiencing mental health difficulties can recover their well-being and live a full life in the community. Our work is rooted in 6 key values:

• We follow best international human rights practices and standards.

• We believe that everyone must have equitable access to high quality mental health services.

• We support empowerment of people and communities to shape the best mental health services.

• We strive to be independent and to have integrity across all our actions.

• We expect full accountability of Government and state bodies, and of ourselves.

• Our work is based on evidence of what works, adding value to mental health progress with principled pragmatism.

What we do

Identifying gaps – We identify unmet mental health needs particularly among people who can fall through the net, like people with intellectual disabilities, those who are homeless or people from ethnic minorities.

Developing best practice – We draw on best practice to advise Government and champion innovation in the supports provided to people.

Building consensus – We work closely with our members and directly with people and their families using mental health services, bringing their voices and their needs to the attention of Government, the HSE and other key state bodies.

Taking action – We work to raise concerns about mental health and the social inclusion of people with mental health difficulties, encouraging people to support and take action on our campaigns.

Monitoring and reviewing – We monitor the actions of Government, the HSE and other agencies to ensure that they are measuring up on the commitments and promises they have made.

Please contact us if you want to get involved in Mental Health Reform, either as a member organisation or as a campaign supporter.


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